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  • The 6 x 7.5-inch Sani-Hands® hand sanitizing wipes clean hands thoroughly, removing soil as well as germs and bacteria
  • A 70 percent ethyl alcohol solution offers effective germ-killing power
  • The solution dries rapidly, making wipes safe to use before eating or drinking
  • Aloe and vitamin E soothe the skin and restore moisture
  • Ethyl alcohol hand wipes are individually wrapped, preventing drying out and providing convenient dispensing and portability
  • These wipes meet OSHA standards for bloodborne pathogens, making them suitable for professional clinics
  • There're 135 wipes per canister

PDI Sani-Hands - P13472

  • Keep hands clean and free of contaminants with these 6 x 7.5-inch Sani-Hands® Instant Hand Sanitizing Wipes. They thoroughly cleanse the skin, removing dirt, soil and other substances. Sani-Hands® hand sanitizing wipes are also saturated with a 70 percent ethyl alcohol solution, an effective method of killing most bacteria and germs. Quick drying leaves hands clean and safe for handling foods and drinks. These unscented ethyl alcohol hand wipes contain aloe and vitamin E, restoring moisture and soothing skin and counteracting the drying effect of the alcohol. They are contained in a canister, keeping them moist and making them conveniently portable and ready to use whenever and wherever needed. The wipes meet OSHA standards for bloodborne pathogens and are suitable for clinical and workplace use. A canister holds 135 sanitizing wipes.

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